Wednesday, 30 October 2013

The Walking Dead

It's that time of the year again..... Halloween! 

There were so many designs that I was debating to do for the Polish Party Halloween challenge but since the return on my favorite programme 'The Walking Dead' I've been slightly obsessed with zombies so i thought, what better tutorial to do than the look of rotting flesh dripping with blood!? 

For this tutorial, I used Models Own 'Aciiid' and 'Purple Ash' which blended together give the perfect horrible zombie 'fleshy' colour! I also used my red Rio nail art pen - you don't necessarily need to use a nail art pen for this, but i just found it easier to work with.

... I didn't do a step by step picture tutorial because this is such an easy look to achieve and literally takes a couple of minutes! 

- So to start with paint all your nails with the lime green 'Aciiid' 

- Then put a couple of blobs of the 'Purple Ash' onto a piece of scrap paper and using a small sponge start getting messy!! Just dab and blend the darker colour all over the nails and down onto your skin.. be careful not to overdo this bit as you still want to let the lime green colour come through!

- Next, grab your red colour and start drawing blood around the cuticles/edges of the nails and also do some red streaks down your fingers. Then using a clean edge of your sponge just blend the red in slightly.

- Now add a few fine streaks of the red and 'purple ash' on the nails, and again just lightly blend them in using the sponge.

- Dip the sponge back into the 'Purple Ash' and darken the red colour slightly, and also sponge some of the lime green 'Aciiid' down onto your fingers to make your flesh look like its rotting!!

- Finally, just keep blending the colours together over the nail and on your skin until your happy with the effect. 

And that's it!! I didn't put a top coat on these as you don't want the nails to look glossy!

This literally took me about 10 minutes to do, it's so quick and easy and extremely fun to get that messy with nail varnish and not having to worry about being neat and precise! 

I hope you like this look, if you're dressing up as a zombie for halloween then this would be perfect to do!

Thank you for taking the time out to read this tutorial!
- Sophie x

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